Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take This Job and hold it for me in case I can’t find another.

A funny thing has been happening in this tough economy… People are sticking around in their crappy jobs simply because there are a lack of jobs out there. At some point though, the economy will turn and better jobs will present themselves. In the meantime, now is a great time to plot your triumphant exit from the place you hate to go to just to pay the bills. Be creative, be edgy, just don’t be postal. This will be a day for celebration, but it is also a day for a little deviant behavior. Having worked for years in the sales and service industry, I have several juicy ideas that can be simply wonderful . If you are in a call center, find the direct line of the CEO, CIO or someone else up the chain of command who never talks to the little people. On D-Day, whip up a couple of really unhappy customers, telling them how this company doesn’t really care about their customers and if they don’t believe you they can talk to the CEO then transfer the call. If you work in sales, set up a fictional account and order the most embarassing, highest bulk item that you can, make the delivery address that of your manager or CEO or other unsavory member of the organization.Of course there are the classics; put the boss’ email on every free porn list, shrink wrap his car shut, sugar in the gas tank, and assorted others. Remember to publish all of your great ideas on Facebook with the name of your job, your boss’ name and of course your name and address. Then tell us about your last day, because it may have been today.

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