Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blood Test- Type-O Correction Fluid

This rant is not directed to any specific person. In fact, it’s directed to everyone in cyberspace, and text message space, and any other high tech communication media…LEARN HOW TO SPELL (for that matter, use proper grammar and punctuation). The degradation of civilization is directly correlated to the ability to assemble characters into an order that is consistent with authoritative published works known as dictionaries (of note, Hannah Montana is actually a sign of the apocalypse, and not truly an affectation of a degrading society). Acronyms, while once a valuable tool in communicating large pieces of information within narrow time frames has become increasingly used to communicate mundanely miniscule abbreviations for already short phrases. Taking 42 letters and trimming them down to four makes perfect, logical sense (National Aeronautics and Space Administration= NASA) while taking eleven letters down to three is absurd (be right back=brb). My friends, the time has come for us to show that geeky little thirteen year olds are not the only ones who can spell “laodicean.” Let’s show them that armed with our “qwerty” keyboards we can take back the full spelling of every word and phrase. WE ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WOR… Oops phone…brb!!

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